Samurai Threat Intelligence - what is it and how our customers get value

By NTT Security Holdings

September 19, 2022  |  Security

Threat intelligence is a critical component of any cybersecurity approach, it assists in identifying and tackling existing and new waves of cyber threats. But not all threat intelligence is created equal.

Samurai’s advanced Global Threat Intelligence Platform leverages a unique set of characteristics and requirements to keep our clients protected. Partners can experience the benefits of this world-class solution via SaaS with Samurai XDR or as part of a managed service, Samurai MDR.

What does Samurai Threat Intelligence deliver?

Greater visibility

Samurai offers unparalleled threat intelligence thanks to the telemetry from NTT’s Tier 1 internet backbone. This is particularly game-changing in the XDR market — Samurai XDR is the only XDR built on a T1 backbone, capable of monitoring over 25% of the world’s internet traffic.

When your cybersecurity is powered by Samurai Threat Intelligence, you’ll see threats faster than with any other solution, no matter whether you’re using SaaS or commissioning managed services.

Proprietary intelligence you have confidence in

Putting that T1 backbone to use again, Samurai technology is capable of ongoing analysis of current and emerging threats. This ensures continuous, real-time threat intelligence along with technical indicators and artifacts required for threat discovery.

On top of this, our intelligence curation process ensures higher-fidelity threat intelligence that’s reliably sourced, contextually enriched, and integrated directly into our security platform for SaaS and MDR.

Publicly available threat feeds often lack context — there’s no enrichment nor any understanding of what the data means and why it might be deemed malicious. We know more about threats by gathering, corroborating, and curating data from a vast number of sources and are therefore better equipped to anticipate, detect, and actively respond to threats.

As a result, Samurai customers can mitigate the challenges commonly associated with data deluge and analyst alert fatigue, reducing false positives from the investigative workflow.

Cybersecurity collaboration

Being owned by the NTT Group, Samurai has the backing of NTT’s size and reputation required to gain entry to restricted intelligence communities and closed-working groups — an ecosystem which you’ll gain benefit from when you partner with Samurai.

By working alongside our wider network, you’ll be at the forefront of industry updates and have early access to emerging threat information. Together we’ll make sure your cybersecurity approach is bulletproof, even against the backdrop of constantly evolving threats and attacks.

Expansive coverage

Samurai XDR and MDR customers have access to one of the richest sets of threat intelligence available. That’s because our technology doesn’t rely on a single source. Instead, we take an all-source approach to threat intelligence acquisition, gathering from a range of global sources including OSINT, dark web, commercial, and our in-house platforms and telemetry.

Continuous improvement

Samurai is built on machine learning and artificial intelligence — it is constantly learning and optimizing in the face of new cybersecurity threats and cybercrime.

If you utilize Samurai MDR (Managed detection and response), then you’ll also benefit from the human intelligence of our expert in-house analysts. Artificial and human intelligence together is one of the most effective ways of detecting and stopping the most common cybersecurity threats, so why not enjoy the power of both?

We also put pattern matching technology and behavioral methods to work, enabling us to detect threats using a combination of string matches, regular expressions, and correlation rules. Samurai MDR’s intelligence analysts are constantly training our machine learning engine by sharing known malicious artifacts that have been observed in the wild. This ensures our machine learning engine is equipped to handle the latest malicious payloads that have been observed.

A dedicated team of human threat intelligence specialists

Samurai’s threat intelligence technology is shaped and improved by a team of threat research experts in our Global Threat Intelligence Center. These experienced intelligence analysts actively track emerging threats, malware, and vulnerabilities using a combination of custom tools, frameworks, and methodologies to get the best job done in the shortest time possible. The fruits of their work are the TI which powers both our XDR SaaS and MDR offerings.

Information is shared with NTT’s Security Operations Centre and Incident Response team to enable visibility and early detection of threats.

For managed cybersecurity services like 24/7 threat monitoring, threat hunting and response explore Samurai MDR. For self managed cybersecurity, check out Samurai XDR SaaS that is now accepting beta applicants. With Samurai XDR SaaS you get cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and more at your fingertips.

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