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Samurai XDR will monitor all activity in your Microsoft 365 account and alert you to suspicious activity and threats.

As more and more applications and data move into the Microsoft 365 cloud, threat actors can attempt to breach companies without getting anywhere near the company assets or network.


Top issues with Microsoft 365 cloud environments


Misconfiguration is a huge issue when it comes to cloud assets - the latest leak of Microsoft company data through a misconfigured storage account illustrates this very well.

Samurai XDR can alert you when there is unusual access to your environment.

Email Attacks

With email in cloud platforms like Exchange Online and messaging in applications like Teams and Slack, data can be accessed without any interaction with physical assets.

Samurai XDR will detect activity by known threat actors and alert you immediately.

Living Off the Land Attacks

Stealthy Microsoft 365 attackers use “Living Off the Land” techniques. They use legitimate components of M365 like Power Automate and can often escape detection because they don’t introduce malware into your environment.

Using its Threat Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Samurai XDR is able to detect malicious activity which might otherwise go undetected.

Alert Fatigue

Platforms like M365 generate lots of security alerts. Resource-constrained IT teams need tools which cut out the noise and help them zero in on the real threats.

Using advanced analytics and techniques like Boost Scoring Samurai XDR filters out the noise and alters you to the threats that matter.

When it comes to identifying if an attack was as a result of a sequence of events or alerts (or a one-off), that's when you can use tools to search through a centralized data lake and hunt for other potential signs of a threat.

Identity Breaches

Even small organizations are moving their identity management into the cloud through products like Microsoft’s Entra Id (Azure AD) or using other providers such as Google or Okta. Breaches of user identities thus represent a much greater risk - unless you are monitoring the telemetry that your identity provider can offer you, you risk being completely oblivious of identity breaches.

Samurai combines visibility of your M365 account and your identity management solution to see and monitor all access to detect breaches.

False Sense of Security

M365 built-in security is not enough. You need to focus your attention on all of your assets and their security. This includes endpoints (laptops and desktops), firewalls, VPNs, and identity providers. Threat actors may target you over multiple of these, and you need a single view of security in your IT environment.

Samurai XDR correlates security alerts from all of your IT assets, including M365, firewalls, network and endpoints, providing you with a single point to manage enterprise security.

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Cloud-based business solutions like Microsoft 365 need a new level of security.

Samurai XDR uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to find threats within huge data lakes.

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Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

An all-in-one solution that uses AI and machine learning to automatically detect threats before they become problems.

Samurai XDR Platform

We cover your entire attack surface combining data from endpoint, network, host, and cloud environments to give you comprehensive environment insights using our best of breed tools. Samurai XDR is cloud native and vendor agnostic (open XDR), providing a single point of aggregation of all your security alerting.

Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence
Custom Rules
Alert Prioritization
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Samurai XDR is supported by NTT’s Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) which provides dedicated R&D capabilities, focused on the development and constant curation of Threat Intelligence.

Support of 150+ vendor product integrations

checkpointciscocisco umbrellacrowdstrikeFortinetMicrosoftmicrosoft DefenderMimecastOktaPalo AltoProofpointSophosTrendZscaler

Data Collection

Rapid point-and-click deployment of cloud-based collectors allow you to begin consuming data from a wide range of third-party integrations. With device auto detection and highly secure transport methods, our data collection is trouble free and secure.

Threat Detection

To stop incoming threats, you need to understand them. Samurai XDR's threat intelligence give you insight into where an attack is coming from, what's motivating it, and most importantly, how you can stop it. Proprietary machine learning analysis of telemetry, enriched by our best of breed threat intelligence enable the fastest threat detection on the market.


Respond with our integrated toolset. Reduce manual processes like alert fatigue or provide immediate protections based on alerts or conditions via signaling to your security controls.

Automation & Response ManagementEDR Response Integration
Automation & Response ManagementEnhanced Investigations
Automation & Response ManagementAlert Prioritization
Automation & Response ManagementAdvanced Query
Automation & Response ManagementAlert Enrichment

Monitors your entire network and everything connected to it: laptops, servers, tablets.

Detects and identifies anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Responds to threats in real-time.

Prioritizes threats so you know which ones to handle first.

Responds automatically so your IT team can focus on other responsibilities.

Streamlines security by putting all the info you need on one dashboard.

Delivers an all-in-one solution to reduce overall cybersecurity costs.

Integration & Capability

Combine your Microsoft 365 environment with other products and services within your organization, such as:


Microsoft 365

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Azure Management Plane

Cisco Systems

Secure Firewall (ASA Appliances)

Secure Firewall (Firepower Threat Defense)


Crowdstrike Falcon Insight


Google Workspace

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall


Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

Fortinet Next Generation Firewall


VMWare Carbon Black Enterprise EDR

integration and capability

Samurai XDR SaaS for SMBs.

$750per year for 25 endpoints


Our starter plan provides enterprise level security at affordable pricing

From saving money by reducing the size of internal IT security teams to saving time by having security processes automated, Samurai XDR helps businesses to improve their productivity while simplifying security operations.

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With Samurai XDR SaaS, you’re getting much more than all-in-one solution to protect your business. You’re also getting the support of its developer, NTT Security Holdings (NTTSH), a worldwide cybersecurity leader.

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Securing the Internet.

NTT Security Holdings

Analyzes more than


of internet coverage.1



of data every day.



security incidents a month.



events per second.




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Frequently asked questions

Is there an additional charge for Samurai XDR’s M365 Integration?

You don’t have to pay extra for the Microsoft 365 integration in Samurai XDR. All functionality and access to all of Samurai XDR’s features are included in the price per endpoint.

How long are events and alerts from M365 stored?

All of the events and alerts gathered by Samurai XDR from Microsoft 365 are stored in Samurai XDR’s data lake for up to one year.

Can I search M365 events and alerts?

All of the events and alerts stored in Samurai XDR’s data lake can be searched using the Advanced Query capability. This allows you to perform tasks like threat hunts on all of the events and alerts that Samurai XDR stores from all of the integrations you have enabled.

Samurai XDR: Microsoft 365 security unlike any other.

Not all cybersecurity solutions are equal. Keeping your data, systems and customers secure in today’s environment requires a top-of-the-line XDR solution – exactly what Samurai XDR delivers.

Incorporates best-in-class technology developed for NTTSH’s enterprise systems.

Uses advanced machine learning and AI to quickly identify and respond to anomalies.

Integrates seamlessly with other security products for a more comprehensive security solution.

Delivers best-in-class detection and rapid investigation to resolve threats quickly.

Connects to any major vendor hardware, including network devices and cloud services.

Ranks threats for better prioritization and faster response times.

Offers the most effective solution for unifying your threat detection and response.