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Samurai XDR Platform

Combining world-leading, cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and automation, Samurai XDR detects and responds to known and unknown threats.

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Threat Intelligence

Minimize business impacts from cyberattacks by leveraging our unique indicators of compromise identified from NTT’s tier 1 IP backbone and our advanced Global Threat Intelligence Platform.


API Driven

Our API-driven architecture allows us to scale up as needed to meet your demand and to easily integrate with external applications and resources in the cloud.

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Alert Prioritization

Samurai XDR prioritizes threats so you know which ones to handle first.

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Machine Learning

Our advanced machine-learning technologies automate tasks and allow us to better analyze and respond to threats, attacks and security incidents.

2023 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Line between cyberthreats and physical impact continues to blur

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Global Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Samurai XDR Platform Features

As a vendor-agnostic, cloud-native, API-driven, advanced threat detection and response platform, Samurai XDR guarantees cloud scalability, flexibility, visibility and real-time actionable insights.

Threat Intelligence

To stop incoming threats, you need to understand them. Samurai XDR's threat intelligence gives you insight into where an attack is coming from, what's motivating it, and most importantly, how you can stop it.

API Driven

API support is the cornerstone of any useful platform. That's why Samurai XDR is completely API driven, giving you access to the features and services most important to your operations.

Machine Learning

Samurai XDR is built on machine learning and artificial intelligence, empowering it to fight threats today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Alert Dashboard

Get an overview of the current and past threats to your security - it's your one-stop location for immediate insights.

Alert Management

Get access to exactly what you need without being distracted by anything else.

Investigation Lifecycle

View the lifecycle of your threat investigations at any time. Unlock long-term insights into how threats have affected your business and been resolved in the past.

Investigation Details

With investigation details, you can get even deeper insights into the impact of a threat - plus how it was dissected and stopped by Samurai XDR.

Investigation & Alert Triage

You can't afford to waste time when a cybersecurity risk threatens your business. Samurai XDR provides capabilities to make your own alert triage and investigation to ensure that you won't.

EDR Response Integration

Respond to anything with our integrated workflow automation. Reduce manual processes like alert fatigue or provide immediate protections based on alerts or conditions via signalling to your security controls.

Advanced Query / Threat hunting

When a threat hits your system, Samurai XDR offers advanced queries and threat hunting to rapidly get to the bottom of the issue - and its solution.

Telemetry Integrations

Samurai has been built to support businesses of any size by allowing you to add your own security devices. With Telemetry Integrations your security logs or events turn into actionable information in Samurai. Bring your own device so we can do the hard work for you! We support Secure Syslog (TLS) and Cloud-based Collectors.

An investment that pays dividends starting day one.

$40per endpoint annually


Enterprise cybersecurity for less than a cup of coffee per month

With the average ransomware attack costing businesses $4.54 million, Samurai XDR SaaS provides affordable protection you can’t afford to go without.

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Introducing our new platform: Samurai XDR

Backed by NTT's Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC), Samurai XDR collects, curates, and integrates threat intelligence from a broad range of sources, including open sources, to ensure the cyber security of your business.

Samurai XDR Resources

Samurai XDR is a self-managed XDR SaaS. Samurai XDR maximizes your security investment by effectively and continuously detecting threats and orchestrating responses.

Self Service Security Operations

Enabled by our orchestration and automated detection engine, Samurai XDR provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-access, self-service platform that gives you the tools needed to detect, investigate and stop cyber-attacks.

Threat Intelligence Reports

Want more information about new threats? The Global Threat Intelligence Report provides detailed information about threat intelligence for the past year. Updates are made quarterly to keep you up to date on new and emerging threats.

Security Assessment

Not sure how robust your security is to handle an attack? With the Cyber Threat Risk Assessment we can help reveal the potential for you to defend against a cyber threat. Get your customized Rick Assessment Report to reveal vulnerabilities in your digital landscape.

How XDR Helps SMBs Provide Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

How XDR Helps SMBs Provide Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

Businesses of all sizes need to protect their IT environments from the dangers posed by hackers and threat actors. In today’s threat landscape, all companies need to address the dangers posed to the survival of their businesses by cyberattacks.

How Samurai XDR Boosts Security by Efficiently Detecting Threats

How Samurai XDR Boosts Security by Efficiently Detecting Threats

The threat landscape affecting an organization’s IT environment is constantly changing. Threat actors working alone or in organized groups are continuously looking for new methods with which to compromise business-critical systems and valuable data resources.

Cybersecurity Leader NTT Offers SaaS Subscriptions to its Patented XDR Platform

Cybersecurity Leader NTT Offers SaaS Subscriptions to its Patented XDR Platform

NTT Security Holdings today announced the launch of Samurai XDR SaaS, making their advanced threat detection and response system accessible to organizations of all sizes for just $40 per endpoint per year.

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