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Samurai XDR Platform

Combining world-leading, cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and automation, Samurai XDR detects and responds to known and unknown threats.

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Threat Intelligence

Minimize business impacts from cyberattacks by leveraging our unique indicators of compromise identified from NTT’s tier 1 IP backbone and our advanced Global Threat Intelligence Platform.


API Driven

Our API-driven architecture allows us to scale up as needed to meet your demand and to easily integrate with external applications and resources in the cloud.

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Custom Rules

Samurai XDR is packed with automation for instant threat response. Take this up an extra notch with custom rules too, personalizing your automated security responses.

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Machine Learning

Our advanced machine-learning technologies automate tasks and allow us to better analyze and respond to threats, attacks and security incidents.

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Introducing our new platform: Samurai XDR

Backed by NTT's Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC), Samurai XDR collects, curates, and integrates threat intelligence from a broad range of sources, including open sources, to ensure the cyber security of your business.

Samurai XDR Platform Features

As a vendor-agnostic, cloud-native, API-driven, advanced threat detection and response platform, Samurai XDR guarantees cloud scalability, flexibility, visibility and real-time actionable insights.

Alert Dashboard

Delivers at-a-glance visibility of your environment's security activity on a single dashboard.

Alert Management

Automatically prioritizes threats and provides alerts with fewer false positives.

Investigation Lifecycle

Correlates, analyzes and investigates all available telemetry to detect and respond to any threat.

Investigation Details

Creates simplified yet detailed investigations of complex attacks on an intuitive user interface.

Investigation & Alert Triage

Analyzes the severity of threats to determine if alerts should be escalated.

Data Collection

Rapid point-and-click deployment of our virtual Collectors to begin consuming data from a wide range of third party integrations. Supporting wide range of form factors from hypervisor to bare metal, logging formats and naked, API native.

Evidence Collection

Enhance your investigation and provide SecOps with the additional proof supporting Samurai XDR detections.

Endpoint Agent

Focused telemetry supporting threat detection and remediation via seamless, low touch integration.

Automation & Response Management

Respond to anything with our integrated workflow automation. Reduce manual processes like alert fatigue or provide immediate protections based on alerts or conditions via signalling to your security controls.

Advanced Query / Threat hunting

Actively inspects events in your environment to locate both known and unknown threats.

Threat Intelligence

Identifies and analyzes vulnerabilities that put your business at risk.


Simple yet effective built-in reporting and export facility to provide snapshot of your current security posture.

2022 Global Threat Intelligence Report

A year of more sophisticated and substantial threats.

Samurai XDR Use Cases

Samurai XDR is available as a self-managed XDR SaaS or as a 24x7 analyst based Managed Detection and Response. No matter your choice, Samurai XDR maximizes your security investment by effectively and continuously detecting threats and orchestrating responses.

Self Service Security Operations

Enabled by our orchestration and automated detection engine, Samurai XDR provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-access, self-service platform that gives you the tools needed to detect, investigate and stop cyber-attacks.

Managed SOC operations

Want more support? Samurai XDR offers fully managed SOC operations. With Managed Detection and Response, our cybersecurity experts will properly configure the platform, monitor your company’s entire digital landscape and analyze all threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Once the threat is validated, a Security Analyst creates a detailed Security Incident Report for you – which includes a scenario-specific actionable response recommendations.

Security Consulting

To perfectly meet your exact needs and get the most out of your Samurai subscription, we offer consulting. With the support of our consulting services, we can help elevate the growth of your business through enhanced protection of your entire digital landscape.

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